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N-205 by Tadasky Kuwayama

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This signed painting by Tadasky Kuwayama in 2012 is acrylic on canvas, 32 x 32 inches.

This painting is from a series Tadasky revived from his 1960s paintings but in a different approach using the airbrush style he had developed in the 2000s.

Tadasky Kuwayama is known for his color, geometric, Opt Art style of painting. Opt Art or Optical Art is form of abstraction that plays with the viewer’s visual perception. Master of the circle, Tadasky works almost exclusively in concentric rings creating infinite variations. By tweaking colors and widths, Tadasky caused color to appear to fluctuate, his circles to pop off of the canvas and into the viewer’s space. These compositions are calculated, precisely created and seem to radiate outward from the center.

“My work uses geometric forms, most often the circle, because these allow me to create the visual impact that I seek. There is no philosophy or theory involved. I use identifying numbers rather than literary titles for my paintings because the artworks are not meant to refer to anything outside themselves.”

Tadasky was born in Nagoya, Japan and resides in Queens, NY.